Step 1—When to Automate

This is Step 1 in an 11 part series that shares insights about how manufacturers can successfully implement custom automated systems.

Step 2—Where to Start

Step 2 describes the role of an automation architect and the initial steps to take after hiring an automation architect.

Step 3—Who Should Be Involved

Custom Automation Equipment - Who Should be Involved

Step 3 discusses how to create the right team to plan, implement, and operate automation. Learn about key roles and when to engage them.

Step 5—The Contract

Custom Automation Equipment - Defining the Contract

Step 5 discusses how a contract helps set expectations clearly up front and reduces potential conflict as the machine enters production.

Step 6—Defining The Solution

Custom Automation Equipment - Defining the Solution

Step 6 discusses how the team analyzes the design of the product, required quality and production levels, acceptance criteria, and other requirements.

Step 7—Project Execution

Custom Automation Equipment Project Execution

Step 7 examines project execution and its typical project tasks, project management, and factors that are critical to success during debug.

Step 11—Continuous Improvement

Custom Automation Equipment Continuous Improvement

After the equipment enters production there will still be issues to resolve and opportunities for optimization. Common issues include unplanned downtime, low yield, and slow cycle time.

Game Controller Case Study

electronics manufacturing automation

A customer in the software industry started with an ambitious goal: to make its first ever game controller and fully automate the production process. Starting with just an initial product concept and no idea how to make it, the customer engaged our machine builder partner and Automationnth to develop a manufacturing line.

Consumer Products Automation Case Study

Situation  A Fortune 50 company needed to create a custom automated production system for consumer vapor products. Action  Our team of engineers programmed a complex assembly system which included 18 robots, 9 Cognex vision inspections, RFID reading, vacuum pick and place, and laser welding. Result After commissioning the production line, we worked with the satisfied […]

Tended Bar Case Study

tended bar custom automation

Situation  A Mark Cuban backed startup company with an innovative concept to automate cocktail mixing approached Automation NTH with a desire to scale up its production, but didn’t know where to start. Action  We interviewed the customer to understand their unique goals and requirements, and used that insight to lead them to a design that […]