Industrial Automation Consulting

Risk & Safety Assessment

Many manufacturers still make critical automation decisions without adequately assessing risk, which can leave workers vulnerable to unanticipated workplace hazards. Our risk and safety assessments provide assurance that your automation will be safe for all personnel.

Risk & Safety ASsessment Overview

With two Certified Machinery Safety Experts (CMSE) on staff, we assess your safety requirements, audit your controls, and then develop a long-term plant safety solution specific to your industry and manufacturing process. We apply best practices based on our broad knowledge and experience across many industries.

  • Perform a plant safety assessment through site tours, interviews and document review
  • Benchmark findings to internal safety standards, industry best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Make recommendations to satisfy current regulatory requirements and position you to be prepared for future regulatory changes
  • Deliver the recommended plant safety solution
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA, MSHA, EPA, ANSI, ASTM and other standards

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