Certified automation partner program

Purchasing automation equipment is a challenging task for manufacturers. Automation is very complex and technical, and it is difficult to discern the differences between the capabilities of automation suppliers. Choosing the wrong supplier can have catastrophic consequences for a manufacturer.

Certified Automation Partner Program

Program Summary

Using its intimate knowledge of the automation industry and the capabilities needed for an application, Automationnth has developed a unique program to help manufacturers reduce supplier risk. With its Certified Automation Partner program, Automationnth qualifies companies through a rigorous assessment process. Automationnth will work with manufacturers to recommend specific Certified Automation Partners for a project based on their fit with the application’s requirements. 

Certified Automation Partners are the most highly qualified automation companies in the industry and represent a wide range of size and expertise areas. This enables Automationnth to perfectly match the manufacturer’s application with the best supplier for the job, regardless of the scale or capabilities needed for the project.

How It Works

If a manufacturer has an automation need, they can contact Automationnth to discuss their requirements and determine the most qualified Certified Automation Partner for that specific project.

If appropriate, Automationnth can provide turnkey automation by pairing our controls engineering and project management expertise with the mechanical capabilities of a Certified Partner. Depending on the situation, Automationnth can either play the role of prime or be a sub to a Certified Partner. Automationnth has played the role of prime and utilized Certified Partners for mechanical capabilities on programs up to $35M in size.

There is no cost for this service.

Automation companies benefit by participating in the Certified Automation Partner program because it provides opportunities in which they may not have otherwise been able to participate. Additionally, since Automationnth will help manufacturers define the scope and requirements of the project, there will be more clarity and less risk for the partner in the quoting and execution stages of the project.


For Manufacturers

Reduced Risk: Manufacturers will reduce supplier risk for their automation projects.

Clearer Scope: Automationnth can help refine scope and requirements of an automation project to reduce execution risk and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Consistency: When Automationnth leads the controls engineering portion of a project, a manufacturer can have consistent controls architecture, templates, and IIoT capabilities across multiple automation systems, regardless of which supplier builds the machine or the scale of the system.

For Automation Companies

New Business Opportunities: This program provides opportunities in which automation companies may not have otherwise been able to participate.

Reduced Risk: since Automationnth will help manufacturers define the scope and requirements of the project, there will be more clarity and less risk for the partner in the quoting and execution stages of the project.

Become a Partner

  • Contact Us

    Contact us to fill out a questionnaire that covers basic company information, approach to intellectual property rights, project delivery, quality management, risk management, schedule management, information systems, training, and financial information.

  • Site Visit

    A representative of Automationnth will make a site visit to discuss the questionnaire topics in more depth and tour the facility.

  • Report

    Automationnth will complete a report highlighting strengths and opportunities of the company’s operations and provide a certification recommendation.

Once a company becomes a Certified Automation Partner, Automationnth will start engaging the company in turnkey project opportunities based on their fit with the application.

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