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Our Industrial Automation Consulting Strategies 

Our automation consulting services mitigate risk and help manufacturers lower costs and increase productivity. If you are beginning to automate or semi-automate your industrial manufacturing systems, then it is beneficial to introduce our consulting services near the beginning of the process. However, if this is not possible or if your project requires additional attention, we offer a variety of consulting services. 

Automation Architecture 

At Automationnth, we strive to be “Architects of Automation” for our customers. Our automation architecture focuses on creating consistent systems across plants and production lines. We create automation architecture that provides the manufacturer with consistent controls, hardware, and suppliers across their operations. This consistency brings less downtime, lower operator costs, lower maintenance needs, and increased speed to market. 

Simulation and Digital Twins Services

Simulations are an effective way to mitigate risk and predict potential product shortcomings. As industrial automation consultants, Automationnth can create digital twins of machines and production systems, to create a simulation of the production environment. This simulation allows consultants to run specific scenarios and observe the future production process.

These simulations help industrial manufacturers prepare and budget for their newly automated production systems. Simulations enable manufacturers to fully understand factors such as staffing levels required, the total output of a production system, and how operators will run the production lines. 

Conceptual Design and Scope Services

Since our consultants have a recorded history of developing effective product design, they know how to approach a range of project demands. Our design and scope consulting services help ensure that your product is optimized for manufacturability. During the design process, we help our customers develop their project scope and definition, schedule, costs, and risk mitigation strategies. 

Industrial automation manufacturing frequently includes heavy machinery and more demanding equipment. We can help you address preliminary electrical designs, equipment specifications, licensing requirements, and more. 

Risk and Safety Assessments 

If your industrial manufacturing company has already automated your production systems, it is still essential to have an external safety assessment completed. 

As experienced automation consultants, we can identify automation decisions that may create hazardous situations and lead to injury. Our risk and safety assessments help to assure you that your automation will be safe for your employees. 

Our staff includes two Certified Machinery Safety Experts (CMSE), so we are able to assess your safety requirements, audit your processes, and create long-term safety plans specific to your production. To assess the safety of your automation equipment, we will conduct site tours and interviews, observe safety practices, and recommend procedures to assure that you are in compliance with safety guidelines. 

The risk of workplace injury increases when there is heavy machinery involved so it is essential that manufacturers with industrial automation equipment have effective safety practices. Our industrial automation consulting services ensure that your procedures keep your workplace safe and productive. 

Whether you are ready to start designing your automation plans, or you need assurance that your workplace is following proper safety procedures, our automation consulting services can help. As experienced industrial automation consultants, we can anticipate concerns and help you execute your project with clarity and confidence. 

What is Industrial Automation Consulting? 

Automation manufacturing equipment is a substantial investment at the industrial level so it’s critical that manufacturers choose designs and equipment that will maximize benefits. When well executed, industrial automation can result in significant improvements in productivity, accuracy, and safety in a wide range of production applications. 

Industrial automation consulting ensures that manufacturers incorporate the best hardware and software for their automation needs. With our automation consulting services, experts consider the manufacturing floor plan, manufacturer’s vision, and production objectives. These components inform our automation architects’ suggestions, saving you time and money. 

Our Automation Consulting Goals 

While modern automation equipment can bring significant gains in terms of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, manufacturers must choose the proper hardware and software to fully reach these benefits.

Partnering with automation integrators can help manufacturers achieve all of the benefits of manufacturing automation. Integrators are experts in hardware designs and software engineering that can pair equipment together to create a seamless, effective design. 

Our “automation architects” are highly experienced in turning manufacturing visions into reality. To receive maximum benefits, manufacturers should partner with an integrator as early in the process as possible.

If your company is looking to improve plant operations, you should turn to our expert automation consulting services. 

Reduce Risk for Manufacturers 

Because automation projects are expensive, manufacturers risk significant losses if they do not execute them properly. If manufacturers make the wrong choices, automation projects could result in a lower return on investment or unplanned downtime. 

One of our goals as industrial automation consultants is to manage the risk involved in the automation process for our customers. Our Automationnth consultants consider several factors to mitigate risk while advising projects.

Understand Requirements

It is essential for both manufacturers and consultants to fully understand the scope of a project. We ensure that we have a clear vision of the objectives for the project, in order to decrease project execution risk. 

At the first point of engagement, our consultants strive to understand the goals and details of the project, including elements such as quantity, tolerance, and production sequences. This will address the required rate of production to be cost-effective and the scale of the project. 

Incorporate Prototypes and Simulations

Before moving to full-scale production, our consultants believe in creating an exact prototype with the machinery and automation software. This allows us to notice initial issues in the design and correct them before moving to full-scale production. Our automation consultants use simulations to visualize the floor plan and typical plant workflow. 

Effective Project Management

At Automationnth, we fully understand the benefits of effective project management. We know that implementing automation systems can be daunting. Our clients can be confident that our procedures will deliver consistent, high quality results and reduce risk. We achieved CSIA Certification after an external audit of our procedures and processes, and our consultants will deliver effective results to our clients every time. 

Follow our Company Values

Our industrial automation consulting services are guided by our commitment to our company philosophy: simple is better. Our consultants strive to deliver simple automation solutions with thoughtful engineering and intentional choices. This mindset helps us reduce risk for our customers. 

The Guide to
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