You don’t need to wait for a defined project to engage Automationnth in improving your plant operations. Our pre-project industrial automation consulting provides strategic guidance that will enable you to execute projects with more clarity, less risk, and lower cost.

Industrial Automation Consulting


Automationnth strives to be our customers’ “Architect of Automation” and turn their vision and objectives into reality. We partner with our customers to create an automation architecture across systems and plants. A consistent architecture enables easier maintenance, less downtime, and faster speed to market.

Conceptual Design & Scoping

Automationnth consults with manufacturers on the conceptual design and scoping of production systems. This reduces the risk of unexpected issues during project execution and provides assurance that you are pursuing the most cost-effective and safe solution.
simulation digital twin

Simulation & Digital Twins

Automationnth utilizes simulation and digital twins to rapidly iterate and identify the best possible solutions prior to committing large amounts of money on automation equipment.

Risk & Safety Assessment

Many manufacturers still make critical automation decisions without adequately assessing risk, which can leave workers vulnerable to unanticipated workplace hazards. Our risk and safety assessments provide assurance that your automation will be safe for all personnel.

The Guide to
Successful Automated Manufacturing

Download our comprehensive guide to learn more about how to create a successful automated manufacturing system for your organization.