Industrial Automation Equipment

Automationnth has developed products to better serve our customers by enabling fast, flexible automation and the ability to optimize machine performance through analytics.

Flex Base standard base automation
Flex Base standard base automation


The FLEXBASE platform enables manufacturers to rapidly deploy validated work cells across a variety of applications. The cells can be integrated together using conveyors to create an entire production line. FLEXBASE is designed to be highly configurable and utilize IIoT capabilities such as Automationnth’s OEE Optimizer® Suite. FLEXBASE can be used for manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated processes.

heat stake machine automation

Heat Stake

The Heat Staking machine on the FLEXBASE platform provides manufacturers a proven, reliable heat stake process. Like other applications that are built on the FLEXBASE platform, it is highly configurable, scalable, and can be deployed quickly. A Heat Staking machine can be a stand-alone cell or part of a system connected to other FLEXBASE  cells.

OEE Optimizer Dashboard
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OEE Optimizer®

Industrial companies are often frustrated that their assets are not running optimally.  They suffer from excessive downtime and quality issues without the insight required to solve these problems. Automationnth created the OEE Optimizer® tool to provide a simple way for industrial companies to generate insight into production issues.  This insight can be turned into action on the production line, which results in optimized OEE, significant cost savings, and increased production.

The Guide to
Successful Automated Manufacturing

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