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OEE Optimizer® Suite

Industrial companies are often frustrated that their assets are not running optimally.  They suffer from excessive downtime and quality issues without the insight required to solve these problems. Automationnth created the OEE Optimizer® Suite to provide a simple way for industrial companies to generate insight into production issues.  This insight can be turned into action on the production line, which results in optimized OEE, significant cost savings, and increased production.

  • OEE Optimizer® Suite is a custom developed machine analytics tool.

  • Web-based and viewable through any internet browser after logging in with user credentials.

  • Historical dashboard tracks downtime events, reject reasons, good parts and bad parts with interactive graphs to quickly identify the biggest issues and drill down to the lowest levels of detail for troubleshooting

  • Real time dashboard displays current machine status and OEE
  • An event log captures data from the PLC at a second level resolution by subscribing to event tags and receiving data upon event changes.
  • Data is routed securely to the cloud through an Edge PC with two NICs – one going to the internet and the other to the machine network. There is no cross traffic between the machine network and the internet.
  • Data is securely protected in the cloud and does not reside on the Edge PC.
  • OEE Optimizer Suite can be integrated into machines with a short, simple integration process by our controls engineers
  • Compare machine performance across plants, systems, rooms, zones, operators, and more

  • Networking is simple because OEE Optimizer is web-based

  • Scalable

  • Minimal disruption to the business; virtually training free

  • Identify high and low performing lines and shifts

  • No manual data entry necessary

  • Scalable vector graphics allow ability to quickly zoom in on charts for more detail

  • Touch and hover capable

  • Export data to CSV

  • Regional and global support

  • Utilizes TLS 1.2 protocol for web security

  • Very customizable; not fixed

OEE Optimizer Historical Dashboard

OEE Optimizer software for machine optimization

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