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While our automation expertise can be applied across many applications and industries, we have exceptional experience and capabilities serving markets from life science to automotive.

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Life Sciences

In Life Science manufacturing, your products have a meaningful impact on people’s health and wellness, and you can’t afford to choose the wrong automation supplier. It’s essential that you find a partner you trust who understands the complex regulatory environment, gives extreme attention to quality, and that you can count on for schedule adherence to help improve your speed to market.

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In a competitive industry, electronics manufacturers must find the most cost-effective way to produce high quality products. Automationnth partners with electronics manufacturers every step of the way to accomplish their objectives, from designing products for manufacturability to implementation of automation systems to optimization of production. Our products and services for electronics manufacturers include precision parts assembly, material handling, testing and inspection, packaging, and other unique applications for the development and delivery of electronic parts and systems.

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automotive manufacturing automation


Automotive manufacturing is a competitive industry.  Leaders are always seeking operational improvements that generate a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.  To help you be successful, you need an automation partner that increases production efficiency, delivers cost saving opportunities, and finds innovative ways to reduce downtime.

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Machine Builders

Machine Builders are experts at delivering innovative automation solutions for their customers while also managing project risk.  Many Machine Builders benefit by partnering with a controls system integrator and panel shop that reduces project schedule risk, helps meet project budget targets, and easily integrates into your technical team.

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The Guide to
Successful Automated Manufacturing

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