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Machine Vision Integration

Automationnth delivers turnkey machine vision integration with a wealth of experience in vision inspection for the most complex, high precision projects. We work with our customers to thoroughly understand their application and then determine the best and most cost effective machine vision technology to do the job.   The machine vision systems we integrate for our customers improve efficiency, increase product quality and reduce cost in production processes. Our machine vision integration capabilities include vision guided robotics, high speed imaging, thermal/IR imaging, 3D imaging, and computer vision software tools.

Machine vision Integration features

Optical Design: We optimize lenses to ensure accurate manufacturing tolerance analysis.

Mechanical Design: we can design machine vision components including optics, illuminators, cameras, and even complete vision systems.

Image Processing: we are skilled in image processing techniques and utilize the latest technologies to highlight features in an image.

Computer Vision: we can develop algorithms to train a machine to understand what it sees through one or more cameras, converting features extracted from an image into output information

GUI Development: we are able to develop standalone graphic interfaces, web-based programs and entire HMI packages for machine vision systems.

Supported Software for Machine VIsion Integration

Machine vision integration services include:

  • Traceability: Our machine vision systems capture, store, and organize images to make troubleshooting of defects more efficient.
  • Efficiency: Machine vision systems are a reliable way to reduce scrap and the cost of manual inspection.
  • Repeatability: Machine vision enables higher quality control, ensuring every unit meets the same standards.
  • Transparency: Machine vision systems remove subjectivity from complex industrial automation processes. The digitization of inspection systems allows full transparency into production issues.

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