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Simulation & Digital Twins

Automationnth utilizes simulation and digital twins to rapidly iterate and identify the best possible solutions prior to committing large amounts of money on automation equipment.

Simulation & Digital Twin Overview

Automationnth can create digital twins of machines and production environments to enable simulation and modeling. This enables a low-cost and high-speed ability to iterate and evaluate scenarios to optimize the final production system design.

Our simulations can range from a small robot cell to a full factory environment. Robot simulations help ensure that the robots can reach all required points prior to metal fabrication. Simulation of manufacturing environments can help manufacturers understand how operators will run the system, staffing levels required, and total system output from a production line.


Automationnth  uses advanced software to simulate robotic movements, creating a digital twin of the robot cell. Our digital modeling efforts ensure that robots can reach all their points efficiently before we commit to any metal fabrication. The digital twin also helps us learn if we need to move robots and stations in the physical layout to optimize motion efficiency. Our thorough pre-fabrication modeling saves our customers time and money with less rework.

Here is another simulation of a more advanced robotic cell which enabled rapid iteration and optimization:

Automationnth also utilizes FlexSim software to create simulated factory environments. Our simulations help the team understand how operators would run a system and the staffing levels required with lifelike, random circumstances. We have also used it to predict bottlenecks and total production output in a complex assembly system.

The Guide to
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