Industrial Automation Optimization

 Machine Analytics

To remain competitive, manufacturers need to utilize machine analytics capabilities to understand their production data and optimize performance. Automationnth helps manufacturers gather data and turn it into insight that yields tangible results.  A successful machine analytics implementation generates a high Return On Investment through improved quality, significant cost savings, and increased production.

Machine analytics Overview

Production Insight: Our OEE Optimizer® Suite gives manufacturers the ability to analyze vital production information in seconds instead of hours to identify and eliminate inefficiencies quickly.  The OEE Optimizer® Suite highlights the biggest opportunities to reduce unplanned downtime, cut waste, and increase productivity.

Predictive Maintenance: Utilizing insights from machine data, our predictive maintenance program detects, repairs, or replaces at-risk controls components before they lead to damages.

Visualization: Manufacturers can bring all of their important data together into dashboards with powerful visualization and analysis tools.

Communication: Instantly deliver reports automatically to anyone you’d like.  By allowing you to turn raw data into actionable information and share it with your whole team, machine analytics enables better decision-making across the enterprise.

Machine Analytics platforms

Automationnth utilizes a number of leading platforms for machine analytics, including:

The Guide to
Successful Automated Manufacturing

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