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industrial automation consulting
Our Uniques

Risk Management

All custom automation projects carry some amount risk. Unexpected issues inevitably emerge over the course of a project and increase with the complexity of an application. An automation company that uses a rigorous methodology to assess and manage risk will

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Automation nth
Our Uniques

How An “Architect of Automation” Delivers Superior Results

In order to compete globally, manufacturers need to constantly improve performance and efficiency in their plants. One potential source of competitive advantage that manufacturers often overlook is their relationship with system integrators. We believe that manufacturers who build deep, strategic

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automation training conveyor
Our Uniques

NTH University

Good, experienced engineers are hard to find in the automation industry. Both manufacturers and system integrators struggle to hire enough engineers to keep up with demand. Hiring engineers straight out of school presents its own challenges, too. It typically takes

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Manufacturing & Production Data Management IIOT MES OEE Traceability
Our Uniques

Smart Factory

Some manufacturers spend millions of dollars on automation equipment but don’t have the information they need to maximize their return on this investment. These manufacturers suffer from a lack of insight into their production and supply chain that could be

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The Guide to
Successful Automated Manufacturing

Download our comprehensive guide to learn more about how to create a successful automated manufacturing system for your organization.