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Automation NTH helps you along every step of your automation journey.

Automation Consulting

We help manufacturers develop a winning automation plan and manage risks with our industrial automation consulting services.

Custom Automation

Our custom automation equipment improves productivity, quality, and safety and is designed to be easy to operate and maintain.

Automation Optimization

We help manufacturers get the most from their equipment through data-driven insights, training, and on-site support.

Welcome To AutomationNTH

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Welcome To AutomationNTH

We are a custom automation equipment provider and electrical control panel shop with offices in Nashville, Tennessee and San Diego, California. We specialize in automation for complex assembly and inspection applications where quality is paramount. 

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Certified company, we follow industry best practices and apply the latest advances in technology across industrial automation and manufacturing.

System Integrator Of The Year Award Winner

Automationnth was named System Integrator of the Year by CFE Media, the publisher of Control Engineering and Plant Engineering magazines. The award is presented annually to recognize the contributions of system integrators in the growth of manufacturing technologies.

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A Vision for the Future – 3D Machine Vision Application

As the requirements for robust industrial automation becomes more demanding, relying on traditional automation technology becomes less sufficient. The future of manufacturing lies in smart manufacturing automation, and NTH is at the forefront of this revolution. The industry’s accepted tools

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HMI Level 2: Station Control

HMI Screen Level 2: Station Control

Station Control, a vital component of our industrial automation solutions, enables operators to isolate a single sub-assembly or station. The ‘Station’ definition varies across applications, but typically includes hardware chosen to perform a specific task controlled by a dedicated set

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HMI Screen Level 1: Overview

The Overview Screen is the gateway to all other functionality of the HMI application, providing essential access points for automated control systems. Global information is pinned at the top of the monitor, and attention is drawn to critical information, a

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The Guide to
Successful Automated Manufacturing

Download our comprehensive guide to learn more about how to create a successful automated manufacturing system for your organization.