HMI Screen Level 1: Overview

The Overview Screen is the gateway to all other functionality of the HMI application, providing essential access points for automated control systems.

Global information is pinned at the top of the monitor, and attention is drawn to critical information, a feature of our smart manufacturing automation. Lower levels of machine functionality are clearly indicated by consistent window pop-up icons, facilitating seamless navigation for production line automation. Access to other screens is easily available via the Navigation Pane on the left, enhancing user experience in manufacturing plant automation:

The following features exist for all Interface Screens.

HMI Screen Level 1: Overview
Reference Number DescriptionDetails
1Auto/Manual PushbuttonsSwitch between Auto and Manual Operation Modes.
2Homing PushbuttonSends current stations to Home position
3Lot ID/Part NumberDisplays lot and part data
4Zone Operator ScreenDisplay for Zone Operators.
5Login Pushbutton/User InfoAllows users to log in at the HMI and displays current user and role.
6Time & DateDisplays current time and date on the network.
7Stack Light LegendDisplays stack light illustrations
8SW RevisionsDisplays Installed Software Revisions
9Navigation BarAllows User to Navigate Between Screens

The Main Screen features a rendering of the machine, with available Popup Screens for each Station, providing comprehensive assembly line robotics visualization. It also includes cycle start/stop control for the system in autocycle and in dry cycle mode, ensuring automated production systems efficiency. The system controls facilitate loading consumables via the Operator Load Stations, optimizing material handling automation. Notably, each half of this machine can be controlled individually, enhancing custom manufacturing automation flexibility and precision.

HMI Screen Level 1: Overview
Reference Number DescriptionDetails
1Station 1Displays Station 1 Screen; Access specific operations, including automated assembly systems.
2Station 2Displays Station 2 Screen: Access specific tasks, such as material handling automation.
3Station 3Displays Station 3 Screen: Offering functionalities tailored for robotic manufacturing solutions.
4Cell State PushbuttonsCYCLE allows user to toggle start/stop functionality of the cell in auto mode, ensuring seamless operation of production line automation.

DRY CYCLE allows user to toggle enable/disable dry cycle function of the cell in auto mode for advanced control in manufacturing cell automation.

CELL PURGE allows user to deplete itself of all consumable product.

STEP MODE allows user to step through the auto cycle one subroutine at a time, facilitating precision automation in manufacturing.

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