11 Steps to Successful Automation

Step 10—Installation, Site Acceptance Test & Production Start-Up

This is the tenth post in the series of 11-steps to follow to achieve success in automated manufacturing systems. If you’re new to this series, you can start with the first step: When to Automate.

In this post, we’re covering Step 10—Installation, Final Acceptance & Production Start-Up.

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Step 10: Installation, SITE Acceptance TEST & production start-up

After the system is installed at the end user, the final acceptance run repeats the same acceptance criteria used during the runoff at the builder’s plant. This is commonly referred to as a Site Acceptance Test (SAT). Once this is completed, the system is accepted and turned over to the customer to start actual production.

The customer’s staff should demonstrate their readiness by putting the system into production with the builder’s assistance. Most builders are eager to have the customer running smoothly on its own before leaving the plant.

If the runoff and Factory Acceptance Test is completed appropriately as described in Step 8: Runoff & FAT, the final site acceptance run should be easy to pass.

The Site Acceptance Test is typically the final billing milestone for the builder. The user should understand that if they start producing sellable product on the equipment, then they have accepted the equipment regardless of whether a final runoff has taken place.

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