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Case Studies

Custom Fill-Cap-Label Automation

A medical device manufacturer needed a turnkey automation solution for filling, weighing, capping, labeling, and palletizing tubes filled with a chemical reagent. The product line contained more than 900 permutations of tube, cap, and label combinations.

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Robot simulation industrial automation
Case Studies

Life Science Automation Case Study

Automation Architects An industry leading Life Science company had been trying to automate a key element of its product assembly for 7 years without success. Their product, a Class II medical device, requires a process to insert a component with

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electronics manufacturing automation
Case Studies

Game Controller Case Study

A customer in the software industry started with an ambitious goal: to make its first ever game controller and fully automate the production process. Starting with just an initial product concept and no idea how to make it, the customer engaged our machine builder partner and Automationnth to develop a manufacturing line.

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Cognex Vidi
Case Studies

Machine Vision Case Study – Public

Note: this public case study has removed sensitive details about our customer and their product line. If you are interested in seeing the full machine vision case study with all the details including photos and videos, please contact us here.

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Case Studies

Consumer Products Automation Case Study

https://youtu.be/Bo87EurMTvw Situation  A Fortune 50 company needed to create a custom automated production system for consumer vapor products. Action  Our team of engineers programmed a complex assembly system which included 18 robots, 9 Cognex vision inspections, RFID reading, vacuum pick

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tended bar custom automation
Case Studies

Tended Bar Case Study

Situation  A Mark Cuban backed startup company with an innovative concept to automate cocktail mixing approached Automation NTH with a desire to scale up its production, but didn’t know where to start. Action  We interviewed the customer to understand their

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